Please remember that staff members may not always get your voicemail message so if you need to reach someone immediately its best to call our main number 507-526-2184

Director of Building Services                       507-526-6330

Director of Culinary Services                       507-526-6360

Director of Finances                                    507-526-6308

Director of Human Resources                     507-526-6320

Director of Nursing                                      507-526-6380 

Director of Social Services                          507-526-6340

Director of Therapeutic Recreation             507-526-6370

Adult Day Services                                      507-526-6305

Chaplin                                                        507-526-6303

Friendship Court Office                               507-526-6351

Newlife Manor                                             507-526-6315

Nursing Staff Scheduling                            507-526-6385 

Southview                                                   507-526-6314

Volunteer Coordinator                                507-526-6371